The full version of my Ph.D. theis is sometimes available at .

Here are three papers published from this work:

Below I make available the abstract, first two chapters, and the first four appendices. The published papers adequately cover the remainder.

Signal/Noise Separation and Seismic Inversion,
by William S. Harlan

Opening Pages   (927 K) Abstract; Acknowledgements; Table of Contents; Introduction
Chapter 1   (4.328 M) Robust Velocity Stacks: an Illustration of Signal/Noise Separation
Chapter 2   (3.512 M) Signal/Noise Separation and Velocity Estimation: Modeling Seismic Coherence
Chapter 3   (2.862 M) Separating Signal and Noise for Reliable Inversions of Acoustic Parameters from VSP's
Appendix A   (137 k) The MAP Estimate
Appendix B   (151 k) Extracting Reliable Signal
Appendix C   (407 k) Estimating Amplitude Distributions
Appendix D   (407 k) Derivation of a Focusing measure (included with Appendex C)
Appendix E   (253 k) Implementation of Slant Stacks
Appendix F   (116 k) Frequency Domain Migration
Appendix G   (253 k) Extracting diffractions with spatially variable velocities (included with Appendix E)
Appendix H   (125 k) Minimizing the VSP Objective Functions
Closing Pages   (181 k) References

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