Suggestions for Windows NT

Microsoft programming can be easy or hard. Do not overuse COM. Want to learn from Microsoft?


Here are some problems users at my office will want to solve quickly.

Bill Harlan

After installing plain NT and getting on the network, I upgrade in the following order.

  1. Improve the default display by right-clicking Properties on the desktop.
  2. Download and apply the latest Service Pack from Microsoft.
  3. Convert all disk partitions to NTFS. Turn on compression.
  4. Add pkzip, tar, and gzip (or WinZip) so you can unzip other utilities.
  5. Add DiskKeeper Lite, and defrag your disk. (Included with W2K.)
  6. Set equal minimum and maximum swap sizes, as described above.
  7. Update the browser.
  8. Install Exceed, Cygwin tools, java.
  9. Clean up the start button tree and the SendTo directory.
  10. Add a default network printer.

FAQ for my office

Here are some problems specific to using NT in my office network.

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